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“Taylor and I have known each other for more than a decade, but we recently crossed paths due to our common love for marketing. I have hired her as a consultant on social media and blogging initiatives. I love her writing style and am completely impressed by her industry knowledge, work ethic, and business style. She has been instrumental to the growth and evolution of my own business, and I hope that we keep crossing paths for a long time.” Ritika Puri, Founder

Chattel & Strut

“Taylor has her ear to the ground and educates herself daily in media and social trends. She is the only person I’d hire to bring my projects to key demographics utilizing multiple resources that seamlessly integrate into my business strategy. Not only can Taylor implement, but is key in creating short term and long term marketing strategy to reach and surpass company goals and objectives.” Matthew Vuolo, CEO & Founder

Glamping Hub

“Taylor has been integral to the development Glamping Hub’s online presence, focusing most of her efforts on social media strategy and increasing awareness of both Glamping Hub and the burgeoning trend of luxury camping. With her dedication to this strategy, we have seen the company’s virtual footprint grow exponentially. Taylor is extremely hard-working and has the ability to reach outside of the box in order to execute on the company’s creative social media endeavors. I would highly recommend her to any company who wants to grow or improve their social media strategy and online presence.” Abby Jeffords, Chief Editor

“Taylor was instrumental in promoting our company and building our brand. I can attest that Taylor is focused, intelligent, hard-working and creative. Her networking and marketing skills set her apart.” David Troya, Founder & CEO


“Don’t let the innocent exterior fool you. She means business and she gets it done right. Though my position’s focus was on the technical side of our process, I have interests that span the various facets of Altimetrik. Taylor and I communicated many times and she shared her ideas and progress which demonstrated her experience and creativity. More so, beyond Taylor as a business entity, she is a beautiful person with a fantastic sense of humor and creative flow. It would hurt to see her in a position where her shining light is stifled or her voice cannot be heard and transformed into action. So, really, if you’re considering her, consider harder, because she’s worth it.” Chris Garrett, Chief Technical Architect

“Taylor is a social media queen, and she represents the next wave of marketing. She is educated, and passionate and has great vision for her work. Her focus keeps everything moving smoothly, she makes sure all the deadlines are met, and whatever project she is working on meets the highest standards. She is a gem!” Fedra Yazdi, Human Resources

Capita Group

“The facts are: Taylor did more than we asked her to do before we asked her to do it and even then she came up with some really smart ideas on top. She also manged to insipre and motivate her coleagues whilst she did all this. I my view this is seriously high performance which is a rare thing.” Michael Hatt, CEO

“Taylor was a true breath of fresh air to our business most particularly in her determination to bring us into the digital media world. For one so young her ability to inspire others through determination, grit and directness was an inspiration. One very focused and determined lady who I would employ any day of the week. Great team player too.” Richard Wall, Managing Director

“Taylor Whitmer – Queen of Online and most famously know for her entertaining and thought provoking blogs – check them out! Aside from her social networking brilliance, her drive, ambition, energetic personality and intelligence all add up to someone that will be hugely successful. I like to think I taught her everything she knows… but alas, she knew it already!!” Melanie Heath, Corporate Communications Manager


“Taylor is incredibly intelligent, witty, and ambitious. She refuses to do anything less than her best. Given the opportunity, I would hire Taylor in a second. Anyone who works with or for Taylor is incredibly fortunate.” Margot Wampler, Senior Account Executive


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