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Will run for food, but only if you feed me first.

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With my in-depth knowledge + extensive experience in corporate marketing and an unparalleled knack in building engaged communities for your brand, I am results driven + gets thrills out of networking and reaching out to influencers who give your business an immediate boost. I have had fantastic results growing online communities + forming firm relationship with high profile clients and partners.



I help implement marketing strategies for a more successful business. These strategies are centered on the core success of your business + what services + products you offer. I will help you create a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, + identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out. Then, I’ll work with you in following the plan through, + work to execute + implement the marketing strategy. I monitor results, tweak as necessary + ensure that you get the best results from our marketing efforts.


I have an incredible passion, skills + knowledge within consumer behavior and the marketing process. This includes being able to specifically identify your target market + position your product or service offering in a way that will interest your customers + clients + make them want to buy.


What makes us such an effective + leading edge marketing consultant is the ability to not only think creatively but analytically. I will help you gain results from creativity, and the strategies that I have helped your business implement.


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My Background

Taylor holds an MBA with a focus on Marketing and International Business from the University of San Francisco, as well as two Bachelor degrees in Communication and English from UC Santa Barbara.

Taylor started her first company Glamping Hub back in 2010. As head of their Marketing, she created thousands of community followers, in addition to being published in ForbesFast CoHuffington PostTime and more. She has consulted for a number of companies including UserGrasp, Andalucia Inside, and Vendini.

She is passionate about social, and anything health & lifestyle related. Taylor has also worked internationally in both the B2C and B2B space. To learn about her client projects, visit here.

Discover even more on LinkedIn, or in her About Me section.

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