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Honeymooning in Paris

Honeymooning in Paris

I’ve been trying to catch up with all of my photos from the past few months, and the next post that I need to write about its PARIS! Paris is an incredibly romantic city, but starting our honeymoon here might not have been the best choice… Despite the fact that the City of Lights is a place for lovers, it is also a very large, busy city and when you’re coming down from the wedding, you are going to need some time to recharge.

So, here’s my protip for future honeymooners: get yourself to a beach, and skip the city adventure until you’ve had some R&R with your sweetie.

Honeymooning in Paris


After a very quick night in Copenhagen, we flew to Paris, where we’d spend the next 3 days.

When we arrived, Leo suggested taking a bus that took us to the Champs Elysees…. Can you imagine LEO ON A BUS? Me neither, but it was his idea and so obviously I jumped on the opportunity.

The Peninsula, Paris

Upon arriving to the Arc de Triomphe, we dragged our massive rolling bags to the Peninsula, where we were very confident that would be the best place to start our honeymoon. Regardless of the stress of getting around Paris, this hotel was definitely a highlight of the trip.


The Peninsula is the most high-tech hotels I’ve ever stayed in. After getting upgraded to a massive suite, the porter showed us how each control tablet worked. There are touch screens in every room for lights, temperature, and music. Next to the bed, there’s a tablet on either side where you can book spa reservations, get recommendations of things to do in the area, research hotels, or do little things like draw the blinds, turn down the lights, or make a VOIP call.

Also, they have their own fleet of luxury cars like Bentley’s and the vintage Rolls Royce below. Each are colored in their signature Peninsula green.


I was seriously impressed.

The other thing that amazed me was that everything was on demand – any movie you wanted to watch, you could get for free; any drink you wanted in the fridge, you could drink it for free. These things just came with the room, which is such a drastically different way of approaching a travelers stay in a hotel.

Oh, and not only was the toilet super high-tech, but every time you sat down, lightly scented air slowly was released into the room. Talk about extravagance!

L’Oiseau Blanc

For our first dinner in Paris, we headed up to the most epic, breathtaking views of the city, on the Peninula’s rooftop – L’Oiseau Blanc. From le Sacre Coeur to la Tour Eiffel, there are stunning views of the city. But, be sure to reserve in advance, as the tables get booked quickly 🙂


We started with a glass of Ruinart, soaking in the awe of the city, and then headed inside for dinner. The restaurant itself is named after a plane that attempted to cross the Atlantic, but crashed, and inside everything feels as if you’re in a cockpit of a plane. From the stainless steel bathrooms to the curved windows with strong iron components, the room is small and intimate, and the service is impeccable.

And the food, oh my, the food…


Sight Seeing

Oh mon dieu did we explore Paris! We walked through the Jardin du Tuileries, to the Pont Neuf, to the Picasso Museum, wandered the streets of Le Marais, to Musee D’Orsay, to the Notre Dame, to the Shakespeare Book Store, to Harry’s New  York Bar, to the St. Regis cafe behind the Notre Dame, and through the Latin Quarter.

Each day we walked about 10 miles, which could also explain the complete exhaustion!



Wow was this another absolutely incredible meal! On our second night, Hexagone, a new Mathieu Picard restaurant, came highly recommended to us.

This French gastronomic gem takes the ultimate wine list and then offers a four course menu that offers unique and nuanced flavors with the most beautiful presentation. From the impressive staff and service, to the thoughtful details of the menu, I can say that this was definitely a meal to remember.


Le Pavillion de la Reine

We spent one last night in Paris after our week in Saint Tropez, and we decided to check out le Pavillion de la Reine after reading an awesome review in the New York Times. Not only were we charmed by the courtyard that is covered in ivy, but we were also greeted with a bottle of Billecart-Salmon on ice in our room – nice touch!


The rooms were cozier than what we had at the Peninsula, but they were beautifully furnished, and it had all of the nice modern amenities that are not always promised in Paris. Plus, they had an amazing “honest bar” that was open for you to drink what you want at night. You keep tabs of what you’ve had and you’ll be charged at the end of your stay.


As far as the location is concerned, it’s centrally located in Le Marais, and just right outside le Place de Vosges.

Macaroons and Le Marais

To finish our stay in Paris, we couldn’t go without picking up the best macaroons at Pierre Herme. After picking up the necessities, we wandered le Marais and finished dinner with escargot and oysters.


Until next time Paris… a bientot!

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