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Wedding Recovery at Coral Casino

Wedding Recovery at Coral Casino

Last wedding post…. I swear!

Although our wedding was the best day every, the day after has to easily be the second best day ever. Leo, his best man, his date, and I stayed an extra night at the Biltmore, and it was the perfect way to recount the crazy events from the night before, soak in the moment, and most importantly, to fully enjoy a day at the Coral Casino.

Wedding Recover at Coral Casino

Sunday Brunch


Who loves Sunday brunch? Easy answer: everyone.

Sunday brunch is for absolutely everyone, and my oh-so-very-generous aunt and uncle were kind enough to host one for the family the day after the wedding. So as Leo woke up in the dog bed (yes, he never made it to the bed the wedding night!), we cleaned up and headed down to the private garden where our brunch was being hosted.

From custom omelets, to french toast, to pastries, to fruit, to bacon and yogurt, the Four Seasons did not disappoint.

But, then again, we knew they wouldn’t 🙂 The brunch was absolutely beautiful.

Ruben, our favorite waiter who took care of us the night before, was right there ready for Leo and I with a glass of champagne for both of us.

Thank you Ruben, Maria, Guillermo & the Four Seasons for making the weekend so memorable! Your service was truly admirable.

The best part about the brunch is that many of the people who had come to the rehearsal at the Canary and the wedding, got to spend the whole weekend with one another. That Sunday, everyone had so much fun telling stories, enjoying coffee and breakfast, and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend a whole weekend with our family.

We got a chance to remember one of our groomsman splitting his tux at both knees and crotch, hanging out with Vanna White, epic wedding toasts, enjoying the sun and appetizers on the beach, drinking great wine, eating amazing food, and most of all – laughing with friends and family.

Again, thank you to everyone who celebrated with us. So many people traveled far and wide, and I’m still so humbled…. so thank you!

In addition to thanking the unbelievable staff at the Biltmore, I also need to most importantly thank my aunt and uncle, who are always so thoughtful and gracious to me. Thank you for hosting the brunch and bringing our families together! It truly finished off the weekend, and I am so grateful!

Coral Casino

After everyone left, Leo, his best man, his date and I decided to finish a little bottle of left-over bubbly, and then to head to the Coral Casino.


The Coral Casino is everything it’s cracked up to be. It’s classy, it’s quiet, it’s exclusive, and it’s completely relaxed – all at the same time.  The four of us got little cabana and decided to relax in the sun. With some spicy margaritas (or as close to the “TayRod’s” as we could get), we swam in the pool, and we were completely able to relax from all of the stress of the wedding.

The staff (as expected) was amazing. The pool was amazing (it’s a salt-water pool!), and the diving board is worth some quality time if you love to dive!

Final Touches from the Biltmore

The Biltmore goes above and beyond to make their clients feel special and loved. After our amazing day at Coral Casino, Leo and I came back to custom embroidered Four Seasons robes along with a complimentary day the spa for both of us – so we could properly unwind from the wedding.

From soup to nuts, the Biltmore was an absolutely perfect venue to celebrate our marriage, and having the ability to celebrate with some of our closest friends the next day was extra special.

I couldn’t have imagined a better location to bring both of our families together, and having everyone with each other in this place was just, oh so special.

The Coral Casino has a very special ambiance that I’m very excited to celebrate many anniversaries here!



Thank you Biltmore. You were amazing to us.



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