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Our Black Tie Affair at the Biltmore

Our Black Tie Affair at the Biltmore

our black tie affair at the biltmore

Ahhh! I’m over-the-moon-excited to share these photos with you of what has to be, hands-down, wedding of the century. Sure, I’m probably biased, but word on the street is that Leo and I threw one hell of a party. From hanging out with Vanna White, to completely ripped tuxedos, the Four Seasons Biltmore hosted the most exquisite reception that we’ll never forget.

So, today I share with you all of the best wedding photos from start to finish.

Our Black Tie Affair at the Biltmore

Getting Ready

Santa Barbara is the perfect setting for a wedding for so many reasons. Leo and I chose the Biltmore for the first-class service, exceptional food and wine, and location (obviously). So many of our friends and family were traveling from all over the world to be with us, and we wanted to be sure that we could provide the most well-rounded experience of the central coast. From scenery, to food, to wine, the Four Seasons Biltmore was the only venue that we could find that could support the size of our wedding and still do a magnificent job.

And boy did they ever!

One nice thing that the Biltmore did to make our day a bit easier was to give us conference rooms to get ready. This might sound like a silly thing, but once you realize that you’ve got 6 bridesmaids, 2 moms, and a few friends who want to get hair and makeup done, a suite just won’t cut it. (Mind you I’m really not trying to down play the suite, because the suite was awesome!)




Our ceremony was held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Montecito. It’s an old adobe style church that is surrounded by budding cacti, and filled with incredible iron chandeliers, wood beams and color. Dori, the wedding coordinator, was amazing to work with, and I cannot thank her enough for her help, support, and patience walking through the process.

Part of the reason I went MIA not he blog the month before the wedding was due to the fact that our church in Atlanta somehow lost all of our Pre-Cana paperwork that was required by OLMC, in order to get married.  While the staff in Atlanta were absolutely useless, Dori came to save the day.

So, thank you, Dori, for making our beautiful ceremony happen. It quite literally would not have happened without you.

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The other amazing thing that happened was that we somehow got a traveling priest as the priest who would be marrying us. We had never met him before, which is quite awkward by the time you get to the altar.

Let me just tell you: I had no idea that a very old Irish priest would be marrying us.

But he did, and it was hilarious and special.

Beyond accidentally calling Leo “Leonard”, our priest also forgot to complete the blessing of the coins, Aras. It was towards the end of the ceremony, and I quickly realized that he had not finished blessing the coins because Leo’s cousin was awkwardly standing at the altar with us at a loss of what to do.

Luckily the priest was open to my direction, he blessed the coins, and then quickly announced that we were man and wife. Who knew there was no more “You may kiss your bride”! But, Leo romantically kissed me, of course.

Santa Barbara Trolley

It wouldn’t be a trip to SB without a trip on a trolley. We got one of these to transport our guests to and from OLMC to the Biltmore, and it was perfect.

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Cocktail Hour

Besides a few last-minute table switches, cocktail hour allowed everyone to mingle, enjoy the hors d’oeuvres and soak in the setting.

The TayRod Cocktail (aka TayRoad)

  • Freshly sliced cucumber
  • Fresh jalapeños
  • Agave nectar
  • Herradura Silver tequila

The  hors d’oeuvres included:

  • Burrata cheese, heirloom cherry tomatoes, basil
  • Spicy tuna poke, Togarashi sauce
  • Steamed vegetable shumai, ponzu lime sauce
  • Calamari, served in a shot glass with cocktail sauce



Wow! I’ve seen this room a million times, but sometimes it’s so difficult to imagine how everything will come together (the flowers, the menus, the colors, the cake, etc.) Walking into the dinner room quickly put all of my fears aside (and simultaneously reassured that all of the hard work in planning was well worth it).


First Course

  • Ricotta spinach ravioli with brown butter, sage, pine nuts, golden raisins

Second Course

  • Organic local greens, peaches, Point Reyes blue cheese with salted pistachios, champagne vinaigrette


  • Black truffle brioche crusted beef tenderloin with celery root puree, Cipollini onion, fondant potatoes
  • Roasted local halibut with fennel puree, black olives, pickled Meyer lemon
  • Saffron mushroom risotto with San Joaquin gold, celery, marsala reduction


  • Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling
  • Vanilla pound cake with vanilla cream, fresh strawberries


The rest of the night was epic, because our friends are fun. Leo’s groomsmen definitely tore up the dance floor (quite literally), and some tuxes didn’t survive the night.




A million thank you’s to everyone who traveled to be with us. The weekend was so special because of everyone who was there, and we are still completely over the moon! xxx




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