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Vail for the Fourth of July

Vail for the Fourth of July

For around 35 years, my mom’s side of the family has been spending the 4th of July in Vail, so even though we were just in Vail a few weeks before, we had to come back to celebrate ‘Merica with the family!


Vail for the Fourth of July

I think summer in Vail is one of my favorite times, and of course, everyone always asks, “why not go in winter?” Honestly, summer in the mountains is awesome because you can hike, bike, lounge by the pool, zip line, go horseback riding, raft the rapids… you name it, and you can probably do it.  A few years ago, my sister, Kevin, my mom and myself went zip lining across these huge ravines in the Rockies – trust me, you can’t do that kind of cool stuff in the dead of winter.

I also realized that I missed two of the things that we did in Vail a few weeks before…. The GoPro Games (previously the Teva Mountain Games) were going on while we were there, and there were thousands of different types of athletes – slack line, kayak, runners, bikers, etc. There were concerts every night, and it’s an awesome vibe when the city is full of people with a ton of events.

The other story that I forgot to include was that time we got stuck on the mountain…. We decided to hike up the mountain, which normally isn’t terrible. However, it was really hot that day, and the Berry Picker’s trail that we normally go up was completely still covered in snow and mud (especially towards the top of the mountain). So, we had to take the fire trail instead, which is a lot longer and not covered by trees. Around 6-7 miles in, the dog is hot and dehydrated and if you know me, I do not do well when I’m hot, tired and hungry. By the time we got to the top, we found out that the gondola was shut for maintenance – are you kidding me?! We had to (very kindly) ask snow patrol to drive us back down the mountain. While embarrassing, that will most definitely be the last time I make that mistake!

So now fast forward back to the 4th of July weekend… Per usual, we stopped at our favorite restaurants: La Tour for dinner, Mountain Standard, Up the Creek for lunch, Grandshammers for the 4th of July parade. This year we were also able to celebrate my cousin’s wedding, which is why we’re all fancy in some of the photos below.

Until next time Vail! xx

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