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Sure I Can Fly to London for a Weekend

Sure I Can Fly to London for a Weekend

Life is crazy, and I’m doing the best I can to keep up with posting! As promised, here is a follow up from the first London blog; here is numero dos.

If you need any idea of why life has been crazy recently… then…. read on:

Sure I Can Fly to London for a Weekend

There’s no doubt that Leo and I are always on the road, but we absolutely can’t help it! We love to see new places, eat lots of food, and so when we found out that his dad was running the London Marathon, we quickly jumped on the opportunity to not tell his dad that we would be showing up for his race.


Hands down, it was the best surprise I’ve ever pulled off. His mom was in on the secret, so we agreed to meet them for lunch in Covent Garden. When we showed up, Leo asked whether the seats next to them were taken, and his dad was quite literally speechless. Seriously, such an amazing surprise!

Meeting my Mates


On Day 1, I took Leo from South Kensington all the way to Covent Garden. I warned him that he’d never see more Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, or Bugati’s in one place.

And it was true.

We wandered through busy streets, random cobble-stone side roads that I remembered I had once frequently walked down, and finally made our way through Mayfair. This is quite literally one of my most favorite places in the world!

We met my friends at Radio, which is this swanky roof bar, and then finished at dinner in Covent Garden. I am so lucky to have so many friends who care about me enough to stay in touch, plan dinners for me when I’m in town, and most importantly…. two of them are coming to our wedding in July! I am so excited!

Such great mates! x

The London Marathon

However, the main event (and reason for our visit) was to watch Leo’s dad run the London marathon!


From triathlons, to trail racing, to marathons, I’ve seen quite a few races in my day; however, the London Marathon definitely sets the bar high. What an amazing race! Everything about this race is so much fun – runners are in full costumes (we saw a guy dressed up as Jesus, running in a loin cloth with a cross on his back), the crowd is alive and the route is extremely scenic!

So there you have it..  Although I wouldn’t recommend flying to London for just 3 days, it was an epic weekend that I know we’ll never forget!

I’ve got plenty of more posts coming, so bear with me as I catch up! xx

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