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Saying Goodbye to Atlanta

Saying Goodbye to Atlanta

So big news… Leo and I are moving back to San Francisco this coming weekend! It all has happened so quickly, but I wanted to take take a moment to  reflect on our year in Atlanta.

Goodbye Goizueta

Three weekends ago Leo graduated from his one year intensive MBA program…. FINALLY!

Man has it been a long year.


This year has been so many things – fun, exciting, challenging, and definitely full of experiences. Here’s my reflection of the Goizueta MBA program as an MBA partner.

One thing that I was really impressed with about the Goizueta MBA community is how much they considered the fact that an MBA is often times not just the student, but choosing to do an MBA also likely affects a family – whether it be a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or child.

When Leo and I came last March to attend the Welcome Weekend, I was really impressed with the fact that not only did Emory have a Partner’s Club, where they organized a bunch of events for the partners, but they also were a really nice group of women!

Over the year there have been plenty of dinners, nights out bowling, happy hours, and Emory events that we have been a part of.  I think it’s really important that I felt like I knew Leo’s classmates and that I was always welcome to come, because honestly, this group became our real network and friends.

However, the program was also really hard in a lot of ways. I think one of the biggest issues that I was both surprised (and disappointed) with was how much alcohol they provided to the students. Now, don’t get me wrong; I definitely like to go have fun, but a lot of these business school events felt like they got out of hand.

Because of this, I think there was a lot of temptation for the men who were married (or about to be soon), and being a partner, I saw this cause a lot of stress on the majority of the relationships.

I think that the program did a fantastic job at placing students, but the alcohol presented some challenges that I hadn’t anticipated.


Moving onto the graduation festivities…

To kick off the graduation weekend, Leo, his parents, and my friend, Laura, decided to do a 10K. Laura has recently gotten into running, and I’ve been trying to really increase my mileage. I’m currently running around 5-6 miles a day, and I’m feeling really strong and healthy. I’m not sure that I’m getting any faster… but that’s a different story!

We spent the rest of the weekend BBQ’ing with friends and eating around town at our favorite restaurants.

Saying Goodbye to Atlanta

I can’t believe how quickly this year flew by… it seems like just yesterday we were packing up to move our lives to the South, and here we are a year later and it’s all just gone far too quickly.


People keep saying, “Oh, so you hate Atlanta… that’s why you’re leaving!”, and honestly, that couldn’t be farther from he truth! Leo and I had so many defining moments, challenges and important memories that happened in Atlanta, and for that reason, Atlanta will always hold a special place in my heart.


What I’ll miss most:

  • having random romantic dinners at the General Muir
  • being the first ones on the treadmill at the gym
  • weekend trips around the South
  • walking Rexford around Lullwater
  • being called ma’am (I used to think I hate this, but now I love how polite this is)
  • weekend pizza nights from Varuni Napoli
  • BBQ’s with Laura & Steve
  • Southern hospitality (it’s real yo!)
  • long, warm summer nights
  • the diversity of people
  • the 6am Pink Barre class
  • trying local beers
  • watching amazing sunsets from our apartment
  • foot massages at Jiao with my girls
  • that ATL has more trees than cars
  • Rexford’s dog friends in the building
  • wandering the Beltline
  • the haphazard way that the city always makes you feel like you’re discovering something new
  • “Bless your heart”
  • falling in love with grits
  • that Little Five points reminds me exactly of the Haight
  • how the SEC is a way of life
  • exploring different neighborhoods
  • the Ricky Smiley “Chicken & Waffle” morning mix
  • y’all everything
  • Tuxedo Lane
  • being able to fly anywhere on a dime because ATL has flights everywhere
  • the changing leaves in fall
  • the Atlanta botanical gardens
  • how clean the city is (relative to SF)
  • sweet tea everything
  • fixin’ for something


What I won’t miss, but find very amusing:

  • styrofoam everything
  • people calling San Francisco “San Fran”. OMG STOP. IT’S NOT CALLED ‘SAN FRAN’!
  • traffic
  • people walking on freeways/ dodging traffic
  • ice storms
  • Atlanta drivers – they are the absolute WORST!
  • Stone Mountain – still one of the most bizarre places I’ve ever been
  • traffic
  • the Bert Show – is this really the best morning radio in ATL?
  • traffic
  • the lack of sidewalks (why are there no sidewalks anywhere?!)
  • potholes
  • traffic

But, there are still so many things that I wanted to do here, so I know we’ll be back – to see our friends, to finish items on my bucket list, to visit our favorite restaurants, and to travel to all of the spots that we didn’t get to spend enough time at.


So for now, we’re saying goodbye to Atlanta!

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