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Will run for food, but only if you feed me first.

Barre, Run, Sleep. Repeat.

Barre, Run, Sleep. Repeat.

That’s right people. It’s wedding season, which means it’s exactly the right time for me to become overly obsessed ansd self-consumed with my wedding body.

While I tend not to be the crazy girl who counts every calorie, I am vain, and luckily for Leo’s obsession with running, it was an easy change to my daily routine.


Barre, Run, Sleep. Repeat.

Have you done barre before? One of my girlfriends did it before her wedding 2 years ago and she looked AMAZING. She had this skin-tight silk dress that hung tight in every curve, and gosh darnit did she do it right!

Now I would not normally inflict this type of pain on myself (I guess this is a sort of not-accurate statement), but Leo loves to work out…. So he bought me a bunch of classes at our barre studio downstairs.

Guys Doing Barre

Have you ever seen a guy in you’re barre class? Me neither.  In all fairness, the woman at Pink Barre did warn Leo that there was only one other male who had enrolled for classes.

But, Leo decided to join anyway.

So every Wednesday at 6am, we head down to our barre class, and it’s quite possibly the hardest yet funniest thing I’ve ever done. By nature, I’m about as ungraceful as you can get (I mean, I broke my wrist when I was standing up straight – that is hard to beat!). The only person who has less graceful moves than me is Leo, and watching him do pliets and working the bar with his arms isabout just as funny as Jimmy Fallon’s lip synching contests.

It’s actually quite bizarre because when Leo runs he looks like he is floating. If I looked like that when I ran, I would not walk ANYWHERE – I’d run. But, to be candid, I look like an elephant who has just finished 27 bottles of whiskey when I run. It’s an ugly sight.

At any rate, barre is challenging, I feel like my hips are going to pop out of their sockets, and I seriously wonder if I’m going to get any better. I guess time will tell!

The Georgia Publix Marathon

Yay! Another Atlanta to-do list item to check off!!! I signed up for this race a few months ago with one of my best friends here, Laura, who absolutely killed her first half marathon (1:51)!!!


This was either my third or fourth half marathon, and I’m glad it’s over. Although I thought my barre, run, sleep, repeat routine was fail proof, I happened to really hurt my sciatic nerve the week before my race at a barre class. (Realistically it happened before the barre class, but the class definitely did not help it one bit). I’ve never really been injured before a race, but the pain goes from my lower back down the backside of my leg to my ankle. Ouch!

I finished in under 2:30, which has been on my slower side. Even so, it’s another one in the books! As a shirt I saw on the course said, “I’m a completed, not a competer!”

Maybe one day I’ll get close to Laura’s time 🙂


Shower Optional

Funniest part of this whole day was after we got home from the race. We decided to go home, shower and clean up so we could celebrate with pizza and beer since there would not be a beer tent available on Sunday due to the Blue Laws. 

It had been raining the entire course, and after you’re toes, fingers and body have been wet for over 3 hours, all you want is a nice hot shower.

But, just imagine if the water main on your road broke, and there is no running water at your apartment…..

True story. No running water when we got home. There were some little tiny drops coming from the shower head so I decided to jump in and scrub whatever I could. The water stopped before I could get my hair.

Poor Leo had to wash his hair in the sink – I had to pour bottled water on his head. Talk about absolute disaster!

At any rate, we freshened up, we went out to celebrate with our best friends in ATL, we slept, and then we repeat!

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