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Experiencing Snowmageddon in Hotlanta

Experiencing Snowmageddon in Hotlanta

Our favorite waitress at the General Muir once told Leo and I, “Atlanta is the only place where you can experience all four seasons in a week”.


Yep. That’s an accurate description. I wish someone had told us that, like, a year ago, because “Hotlanta” is a completely innacurate description of the weather in this city. (No one here actually calls it that so maybe that was the first hint).

It should be called: “Cold and Hotlanta”, or “Radlanta”, or “Really fucking indecisive Atlanta”, or “Hotlanta with a chance of ice”, or “I like to vary by 100F Atlanta”.

Experiencing Snowmageddon in Hotlanta

Does anyone remember Snowmageddon in Atlanta last year?

Snowmageddon was this terrible thing that happened when all of the streets and freeways in ATL froze over with millions of people stuck on freeways for hours. A few of the people I work with had to sleep in the office over night because they couldn’t get out. (Although I keep saying that the bright side is that they were the first to the office the next day.)

Now, the city is completely ill-prepared for any type of inclement weather: there aren’t enough snow machines to put ice down, there really isn’t enough snow that ever sticks, 132 square miles is too big to cover (not including metro ATL)… You get the idea. There’s a number of things against us here in ATL, and the biggest problem here on top of it all,  is ice.

Being from California, I have no idea what this means. In my narrow understanding of weather, I just through there were 4 categories: sunny, fog/cloudy, rain, and snow. There happens to be a variety of different categories within snow – sleet, freezing rain, ice, snow.

I know ya’ll are probably laughing at me, but there you go. I had no idea.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve started to experience some of this wonderful “inclement” weather, and to be honest, it’s pretty crazy. For example, I work 11 miles from the office – which in ATL traffic can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour – and when I left home it was raining, but by the time I got to work, it was snowing. Just 11 miles and a complete weather change.

Anyway, I FINALLY got my first snow day (WOOOOO!), which was the most anticlimactic snow day ever. We got released around 2pm so we could be on the road before the temperature dropped below freezing. There was freezing rain and huge snowflakes when I left, but then it stopped falling.

Thank goodness Verizon had our global emergency response team “actively monitoring the situation”. It was dramatic, yes. But compared to other businesses or schools, it was probably on the less dramatic side.

Emory, along with all the schools, completely shut down for 2 days. The governor declared a state of emergency, and there was No snow on the ground, no storming within the perimeter, but everything was shut.


Luckily I came home to a very prepared fiancé….

So there you have it. We survived our first ice storm, and we got to enjoy some great wine for our first snow day.

While I laughed at everyone freaking out about the weather, I do have to say I’m very grateful for the precautions because no one wants to spend 9 hours stuck on I400. Atlanta freeways are already a god-awful place.

I know we are not out of the clear quite yet, but here’s to hoping that we warm up quickly in March. Bring me that heat!!

In the meantime, best of luck to everyone in the Midwest and Northeast.


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