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What to Expect When Your Dog Gets Fixed

What to Expect When Your Dog Gets Fixed

No one could have prepared me for Rexford losing his manhood – not even my own memory! If any of you have a puppy and are looking to get him/ her fixed, then here’s some tips that I wish I had known before I took our little man in! Also, feel free to add any tips about what you’ve done to help your pup in the comments below!

What to Expect When Your Dog Gets Fixed


On the Christmas of 1994 (AKA BEST CHRISTMAS EVER), my sister and I got our first puppy, Noel.  Noel was a minature black French poodle, who my mother insisted that we named her something “French”, because of our French heritage and because she was a French Poodle.

My mom’s first suggested the name “Chopin”, but I was 7 and my sister was 4, and that just seemed like a silly idea at the time.

noel the poodle

So, ‘Noel’ it was.

She was a sweet little terrorist, who loved to bark at anything that crossed the street, escape out of any backyard door she could squeeze her little body under (she got hit by a car twice and still survived), and perch herself atop the highest most fluffy couch pillow possible.

She also also got neutered. But somehow, my memory of her surgery was nothing close to what our poor little Rexford went through in just the past few weeks!

Then again, your memory at 7 is quite different than in your 20’s.

But then again, my 20’s were pretty blurry too…. Anywho!


Here are all of the surprises I had:

  1. I did not expect to feel so emotional. I literally cried when I had to leave him. I knew they would put him under, and I wasn’t scared about it until I had to give my little 8 lb 5 oz puppy to the nurse. I’m sure they were probably laughing at me (and I’m sure you are probably laughing at me reading this), but Rex is furbaby!


  1. I underestimated the recovery time. I thought he would be back to normal within 2-3 days. The recovery took a full 7-9 days. He had some pretty significant red sores that took a long time to heal. We ended up going back to the doctor to get topical solutions to help the healing.

3. I did not expect him to be restless at night. For 3-4 nights after his surgery, Rex was completely restless. He would lay down for a bit, and then quickly jump up and scurry to a different side of the bed. I’m sure the pain medication was wearing off during the night, but it meant for a week of terrible sleep for the three of us.

4. I also underestimated how upset his stomach would be. The poor pup got sick in our bed the first two nights after surgery, and then he accidentally wet the bed the third night. I’m sure everything in is body was all off for him. However, we fed him rice, which was a wonderful treat and he loved it. It’s gentle on their stomachs and warm. He ate it right up.

rice for upset puppy stomach
5. I did not anticipate him getting other illnesses like kennel cough. After multiple sleepless nights, an upset stomach, and an increasing cough, we took him to the vet. In hindsight, we should have taken him earlier, but I’m so glad we took him. The doctor gave us an antibiotic for the kennel cough, and he also gave us an ointment for his empty sack (lol). It was so red and scabbed over, I wasn’t sure if it was healing correctly!

6. I didn’t realize how many procedures they do at once. Often times, the vets will offer to remove any baby teeth, and microchip them all at the same time – otherwise, they would have to put the dog under again to remove any stubborn baby teeth. We decided to do it all, which means he had a tooth pulled, he got microchipped in his back, he got one testee removed from his sack, and they had to make a separate incision to remove the undescended testee. I can understand why he was in so much pain!



Luckily, I was prepared in one sense: get the donut rather than the tube. Being the overprotective furmom, I decided to get two donuts to find the right one for him. We got the Kong Cloud Collar and the Contech ProCollar. I preferred the Kong because it inflated a bit more and was softer, but I’m glad we got both for him because he could still reach his wounds with only one of the collars.

Check out the double donut:


He even ended up liking his donut towards the end!

So, after all of the medication, sleepless nights, and time in the double donut, Rex is finally back his normal self. He was also a very sexually active fellow prior to his surgery, and that has seemed to slow down over the past few weeks too, but his mischievous ways are still at the core of who he is!

After all, a home is not a home without a maltipoo!

rex feeling better

2 thoughts on “What to Expect When Your Dog Gets Fixed”

  • Thanks for your report. I hope Rex is doing well now. I am on the fence about neutering my 11 month old Maltipoo, Parker, and having him go through the procedure and recovery period. The recent research online does not support a medical reason to neuter. I also have a 2 year old female Maltipoo who was spayed at a younger age. Parker goes at her and she sternly rebuffs him. So having him neutered would reduce his angst and her being routinely jumped on. Does your dog show less energy and liveliness now than before? Parker just seems to enjoy life so much. It seems like taking away his testosterone would affect him somehow.

    • He is doing so much better! It was a rough recovery for a few days, but now he is completely back to normal! He has tons of energy – sometimes too much!!

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