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A Guide to Surviving an Atlanta Hawks Game

A Guide to Surviving an Atlanta Hawks Game

Since we’ve been in ATL, there are a ton of things that we have wanted to see, do and explore. Every weekend we see a new place, or eat at a new restaurant, or wander out of the city to see some more of the South. This past weekend we were lucky to have my mom in town to knock another few things off of our bucket list including going to see one of ATL’s sports teams play.

It happened to be perfect timing to watch the Hawks play, especially since they were playing our home team, the Warriors, who are number 1 in the West. The Hawks are number 1 in the East, so we knew the game wouldn’t disappoint!

I’m going to try to do this post justice, because going to a Hawks game is very…. colorful.

A Guide to Surviving an Atlanta Hawks Game


Even though we’ve been in Atlanta since June, I haven’t actually been to downtown Atlanta. There hasn’t been a reason, and from what I’ve heard, it can be pretty sketchy. Needless to say, my mom (with her diamond crusted hands and fur coat in tote), Leo and I headed down to the game.

On our walk into Philips Arena, you’ve got a couple guys bucket drumming, and then you’ve got another guy who’s reading the Bible (the Baptists never fail to amaze me), and then you’ve got some more Bible thumpers with their homemade, inspirational Jesus-loving psalms.

I cannot even make this stuff up.


Then after you’ve passed the Jesus freaks, then there’s an Atlanta Police prisoner transportation van sitting next to the curb, and the side of the van reads, “Stay back 50 feet”.

We are standing an arms-length away.

So then there’s that.


Inside the Arena

Once you get in, you have to tickets in the lower box levels, because you need to see who’s sitting courtside and the food is better. We grabbed a couple of beers, a couple of chicken sandwiches and headed down to our seats.

If you haven’t seen the beginning of a Hawks game, then you have to be there to see it. It’s like they have a 3D video that is projected onto the floor. The floor changes colors, it moves around, and it’s one of the coolest opening acts I’ve seen at any professional sporting game.


The people watching is just pretty unbelievable. You’ve got a guy sitting courtside, who is in his diamond-crusted Louis Vuitton jacket, and then you’ve got these HUGE girls who have magically squeezed themselves into dresses that are at LEAST two sizes too small, and then you’ve got the random toothless redneck, who is talking smack to you since you’re the opposing team. In all fairness, he wasn’t missing all of his teeth, but he was definitely missing a few.

In terms of celebrity sitings, we were really hoping for four people: Nene, Usher, Luda, and Kim Zolciak.  I have literally been looking for Nene since March #whereisnene. Unfortunately none of them were there.

There was, however, a few celebrities: 2Chainz, Jeezy, and a few older Hawks players, who I had never heard of.


We truly enjoyed watching the game. Both teams played exceptionally well, and the score remained close the entire time. Although the Warriors didn’t win, the three of us had so much fun, and I can definitely recommend this as a fun activity if you’re coming to Atlanta.

While I miss SF, there are definitely a lot of things that I’m learning to love about ATL, and this night will always be one to remember – bible thumpers, rednecks, and all!

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