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The Best, Worst and Most Perplexing Things About Atlanta

The Best, Worst and Most Perplexing Things About Atlanta

From time to time, I try take a look at the blog and imagine what it’s like reading this thing as an outsider. It’s hard sometimes because the blog has changed so much over the past year and a half, and sometimes I can’t see what it currently is from what it used to be.

What’s crazier, is that it’s pretty weird to think that I’ve been in Atlanta for 8 months now, and I have no blog posts about my actual life here!

Leo and I have finally settled into Emory, the Verizon job, and our apartment with the new pup, and so today I’m going to tell you all about it.


The Best, Worst and Most Perplexing Things About Atlanta

Overall, Atlanta is a really cool city, but it’s not like I imagined at all. There’s not fried chicken and waffles on every street corner, with Ludacris and Usher driving down the streets – although I would absolutely love it if it was like that. (Actually there is a Waffle House on almost every corner, but we’re still missing Luda and Usher.)

Anyway, you get my point.

In no particular order, here are the things that I love about ATL.

Local Breweries

So.Many.Breweries. Terrapin, Sweet Water, Orpheus, Southbound (they are actually from Savannah, but equally as awesome).  Not being so close to wine country has actually been an awesome way to discover local breweries.

You know when you discover a new drink? And, for a period of time, that drink becomes a solid memory of that time? Yeah. That’s what’s going on with IPA’s for me right now. It might sound crazy, but IPA’s and Atlanta will be a memory of mine for a long time.


Splitting a Check

This might sound like a really stupid point, and maybe it is. BUT, do you know how awesome this is?!? If you’re in ATL and you’ve got 10 people in your party – no problem. Restaurants in Atlanta will break your check down, even by the proportion of an appetizer. I literally paid $1.75 the other day to split an app 4 ways.

Why can’t they figure this out in SF? I’m so confused. Conclusion: SF, you lazy son of a gun, you.

Warm Summers & Epic Sunsets

Everyone gave ATL a bad rep for the heat, but actually, I kind of loved it! To be honest, you end up spending most of your day in air conditioning anyway, so it’s really nice to have a BBQ at 7pm with no fear of whether Karl the Fog will ruin your outdoor meal. Warm summer nights have quite possibly thinned my blood….

Although I’m hoping that this winter isn’t as brutal as last year, we’ve had some days in the 20’s and those are NOT pleasant. Needless to say, the summers are awesome, and the sunsets are epic.

Friendly People Everywhere

At first I was sure that someone was trying to mug me, but it just happens that people are really nice in the South – and even wave to you on the street, or say ‘Hi’ to you in the hall or elevator of the apartment complex. After years of practice, I had gotten eye avoidance down to an art, and this was really a bizarre experience for me – to simply be friendly in return.

Also, men will let you get on and off the elevator first, they will hold your door open, and I’m called “ma’am” on a regular basis.  It makes me wonder why we’ve completely lost that respect on the West Coast….

Legit Food

Truth. Not everything in the South is fried chicken and grits. But, we have had so much fun restaurant hopping around this city!


Does anyone know that ATL is quite possibly the most green city ever? These these rolling hills are filled with tall trees everywhere, and everyone’s yard is beautifully groomed. It’s almost like you’re not even in a city at all!

This is what’s in our backyard:


The Beltline

Quite possibly one of the coolest things to do on a weekend. It’s a 10 mile paved walking/ biking path through the city that is lined with local art and can lead you to different areas of the city!


Last weekend we did the Beltline and stopped at the Little Tart Bakery at Krog Street Market for some coffee and pastries. Oh so good. Be sure to get the egg sandwich on brioche – to die for!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.38.36 PM

The Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are amazing – spring or winter. If you go in the spring, you have to see the cobra’s. They do these huge cobra sculptures that are so delicately designed with flowers. In winter, they have the night time winter wonderland where you walk around to see the lights. Both are equally as spectacular!

Things I HATE

But as you can expect, not everything is rainbows and butterflies….


Sigh.  Oh, traffic. You are so difficult here. I thought it was bad in the bay area, but then you come to ATL, you have to travel 10 miles, it takes you an hour, and then you REALLY know what it’s like to want to pull your hair out.

Also, no one knows how to drive in this state. Literally, there is ZERO comprehension of a fast lane and a slow lane. If there is only two lane, then good luck buddy.

Blue Law

I had never heard of, or experienced Blue Law before moving to Georgia. This one time I went into Publix to get some vodka. I never buy vodka, it’s mostly just beer and wine, but we were making cocktails for this one event. I searched up and down the aisles 2 – 3 times to no avail!

By the time I got to the cashier to purchase my other groceries, I asked where it was, and the woman said, “Oh you must not be from here.” Clearly not lady! She told me that I needed to go to a package store….. a WHAT?

I’m still confused why we’re living from rules in the Prohibition era, but they say the South is backwards, so there you go.

Things I’m Completely Perplexed By

Stone Mountain

This little gem is not only the most popular attraction in Georgia, but it also happens to be where the KKK was founded. A fellow colleague calls it, ‘bizarr-o Mount Rushmore’, which is a 100% accurate description.

Let me paint a quick picture – there are Confederate flags, and sculpted into the mountain are famous Confederate generals. Then, they’ve made it this weird theme-park-type of place, where they have laser shows, and snow at Christmas.

It is literally the most bizarre place I’ve ever been.

Unprotected Left Turns
Did the entire state of Georgia miss this point in driving school? No one can get it right.

Here’s the rule: when you’re at a green light and you’re trying to make a left turn, pull all the way into the intersection so you can take a left at your earliest convenience. Waiting at the line only prevents you from making that turn quickly, thus preventing me from making the light.

9 times out of 10 a Georgia driver will be waiting behind the line, and I hate them for it.

Helen, GA

Helen is a made-up fake version of Germany. This sounds exactly as weird as it is. It’s kitchy (spelling?) and it’s as weird as a you can imagine a fake German town in Georgia being.

At any rate, it’s pretty and we came here for beer.


Drive-thru Liquor Store

The worst idea you can give a drunk person is a drive through liquor store. Here’s the Pitch & Putt, our local drive-thru package store. You just drive in, hand over your credit card, and off you go!



There you have it. That’s about all I can think of at the moment, but I am sure there will be more. Stay tuned for more life updates from the South!



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