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Lazy Bear: A Completely Refreshing San Francisco Dinner

Lazy Bear: A Completely Refreshing San Francisco Dinner

While we were home, we were lucky enough to have friends snag some tickets to Lazy Bear. For those of you who have never been, sign up for their mailing list and follow them on Twitter, because the only way you can get in is if you order tickets… and they go fast! They are $120 a head, but you can bring wine and they’ve got a (limited) selection of wine, beer and cocktails. If it’s Bauer approved, then you know it’s going to be legit.


VERY excited for this.

Lazy Bear: A Completely Refreshing San Francisco Dinner

So what is Lazy Bear? It’s an 11+ course dinner, where you’re seated communally, dinner-party style. There are two seatings per night, and you start the evening in the upstairs lounge where cocktails are served with your first few courses. Seating is limited, so tickets go quickly.

I will do my best to recount each of the details, but with 11+ courses (and wine!) you can imagine that I might miss some of the details. Hopefully the photos will do Lazy Bear justice. We started with a whipped scrambled eggs infused with bacon and maple syrup with a home-made spicy sauce at the bottom – savory, light, fluffy and so unique. I unfortunately didn’t get a great photo of this dish. Next, we moved to the oysters. These were shucked, and then served with some sort of spice on top. They were so creamy, and filled with citrus and a slight spice. If you know anything about my obsession with oysters, just know that these were top notch. I could have had a dozen on my own – easily.

After they oysters, we moved to duck, served 4 ways: slim jim with radishes, a duck hushpuppy with aoili, duck terrine wrapped in a quince fruit rollup topped with mustard seeds, and finally a duck mousse. The creativity that goes into each bite is just any foodie’s dream. I have not been this blown away by a meal since Quince.The last dish we had upstairs was a root vegetable fondue… and the fondue was made with bone marrow. It was very apparent that each dish was created with such great craft and care.

What a different and refreshing way to experience dinner!

Downstairs Dining

Once they bring you downstairs, you see two long wood tables, and you’re seated at your respective seats. There is a cute little Lazy Bear menu with space for you to write notes about the food you’re eating.  We started with a brioche and butter. I don’t know what they did to this butter, but it is the creamiest and dreamiest butter you’ve ever had. You could quite literally eat it plain – although that’s probably not wedding diet approved…

The Sweets

From a kiwi dish with marscapone, to macaroons, ice cream sandwiches, caramel and sage, the sweets were the perfect way to end the night. I was blown away by the variety, creativity and detail that made each dish unique and delicious!  

I can’t wait to come back soon!


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