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The 4 Best Free Wedding Planning Essentials

The 4 Best Free Wedding Planning Essentials

If you’ve planned a wedding, or if you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, then you know it’s no easy feat. Not only are there a million different things to consider – location, music, reception, ceremony, style,  bridesmaids, guests, but how in the world do you keep track of everything?

The 4 Best Free Wedding Planning Essentials

So you got engaged… yay! But where on earth do you start? The beginning of our engagement was no walk in the park. It started with a lot of tears and fights – Leo and I wanted to get married in Mexico, and both of our families had… very different ideas about what our wedding would be like. The good news is that once you get your date and venue booked, it can be easily sailing from there with all of the amazing FREE online tools that are available. So here are my top four planning tools that I couldn’t live without.

1. WeddingWire

Meet WeddingWire. It will become your best friend. Looking for a way to budget, keep track of a checklist, create a custom wedding website, and gather ALL of your guests addresses? Well, Start with getting your budget and checklist in place.

Take a look at the checklists – these are so legit. It will literally break down your ‘to do’ list by month to ensure that everything is on track. I’m already a pretty organized person, but this is just a little peace of mind to make sure I’m staying on track. Plus, they have a mobile app where you can check your ‘to do’ list and vendors. It’s not the best mobile app, but I do like being able to feel like I can check my status on the go!

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Same with collecting your guest addresses. It’s not like the old days where you keep an address book where you pen in everyone’s address that you know. I try to organize it by Google, but quickly realized that I had no easy way to get everyone’s address. Have no fear, WeddingWire is here. All you do is upload your email addresses of your guests, and you can quickly and easily send an email to everyone asking them to fill in their address. Voila! That job is complete!

Also, you can easily use one of their awesome wedding templates to create your own custom wedding website. Check out our site here.

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There are also so many other things that you can do with this site – finding vendors, creating song playlists, creating registries and more. Basically, it will help save your life, so go take advantage of it.

2. Room Blocks

I had no idea where to start with this. I called a few places, and tried getting a room block, which happens to be an extremely inefficient use of your time. What if there was a way that you could get a room block?


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3. Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

WeddingtonWay has obviously been on the wedding scene in recent days, but literally it’s a life saver. Just imagine if you and all of your bridesmaids lived in different parts of the country (or world!). How would you coordinate with all of your favorite ladies about what they are going to wear??

Well WeddingtonWay makes it so easy! All you do is create your own showroom, add your favorites, add your bridal party and they can choose their favorites! Plus they even do rentals, which would also be cool if I weren’t doing full length gowns. At any rate, be sure to check them out because they are such an amazing resource to get a solid idea of the dresses that are available!

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4. Paper Products

I actually have a few recommendations for this, but I got my ‘Save the Dates’ from Minted, so I have to recommend them because they did an awesome job. We ordered a first set, but we were having a really hard time deciding on the style. We got them in the mail and we didn’t like them – plus, the color font did not appear like it had in the preview.

I talked to Minted, got a full refund, and was able to pick out Save the Dates we LOVE! Their customer service was awesome!

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