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Falling for Savannah

Falling for Savannah

… is quite possibly the best thing ever! Leo, Rex and I headed to the coast last weekend for the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon – Leo’s 17th marathon to be exact! There is something just so peaceful about Savannah that I love. The endless parks, the architecture, and the slow pace make Savannah one of the most charming places I’ve been to in the South.


Falling for Savannah

We got in late Friday night, and we stayed at The Galloway House this time – unfortunately the Mansion on Forsyth was booked 🙂 The Galloway House, however, was nothing short of amazing. The host was wonderful, we had the entire top floor where Rexford could roam, and we had a full kitchen, laundry, etc.

Saturday morning we were up at 5 for Leo’s race. He (very kindly) let me go back to sleep with the pup, and  said that I could meet him at the finish line. These events are always so much fun to go to, but I was grateful for the sleep!!

Rex and I eventually got up and waited for Leo at the finish line. There were so many people, and the crowd was so lively and amazing! I was actually kind of disappointed that I didn’t sign up for the half.  At any rate, Leo did an awesome job.

Who knows…. maybe this race is in my future!

Best New Discovery in Savannah

Our best new find of the weekend – hands down – was Foxy Loxy. I know this sounds crazy, but it was this old school Victorian that turned into a craft coffee and taco place (with a  few other food options on the menu).  It was just across a park from our B&B so we came to grab a few beers and some cheese & charcuterie (obviously) before Leo’s race.

A house-turned-coffee/taco-shop doesn’t really do this place justice though. It’s SUPER hipster. Like take the Mission in SF, put it on a little crack, and that’s pretty much what you’d get here. The art is super eclectic, there are SCAD students everywhere with their little hipster hats, skinny jeans & odd facial hair, and it’s just an awesome vibe. Plus, there are fire pits out back where live bands play…. it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Needless to say, we came back each day for our morning coffee and stroll across the park.


The rest of the weekend was filled with food, booze, and sleep. We ate again at the Mansion on Forsyth, Local 11ten, and Public Kitchen (where Leo had his first grits and shrimp!!). Rexford spent an endless amount of time picking up fallen Spanish moss and playing with it while he ran.

Check out the rest of the photos from the weekend below.

More Southern experiences to come soon! xx


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