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Will run for food, but only if you feed me first.

Run Update: I Placed on Strava!

For some reason or another, I haven’t been particularly motivated to write about anything in the past two weeks. (Reads between the lines: I’ve got too much crap that I can’t actually bitch about in a public forum, so this will have to suffice.) AKA “writers block happens sometimes”; but I really want to be diligent about my blogging, so I suppose the fact that I PLACED on a Strava run last week deserves a proper post… because out of all people on Strava, I’m probably definitely in the top 10% of least qualified runners.

In fact, I’m going to discuss some general health, weight and body-related issues for today.


Running the 2nd half of the SF Wipro Marathon in 2012 after starting my chip 30 minutes early.

I swear my life could be a comedy.

Run Update: I Placed on Strava!

Soooo, cool story…. I placed on Strava. I know what you’re thinking, “Taylor? Running? She hates running. She placed on Strava? ….. HUH? Literally…. DOES.NOT.COMPUTE.”

It’s OK. It didn’t compute for my bf either. He is really into running, and he knows how slow I am.

But, it’s true. I ran 8th fastest out of all women up Alta Plaza Park. Literally, 8th out of all women who have ever run that run – I ran the 8th fastest.

Side note – Don’t the women in Pac Heights have trainers for this sort of thing? I’m confused. What exactly are you doing with all of that disposable income????

At any rate, what I love most about Strava is the fact that there are little moments that remind you that you’re progressing, and you’re improving. Am I the fastest runner? No. Am I even a respectable runner? Not even close. But, I have decreased my average minute from 11 minutes to 9 something.

That’s progress, and that’s cool.


Yoga, That Shit Makes You Look Good

Since we’re on the topic of health & exercise I want to talk about yoga for a hot second (pun intended for my fellow yogis who <3 Bikram). To give you a quick recap, I re-started yoga last summer. I first began my yoga practice in college, but I never really “got it”. I was impatient. It didn’t feel like cardio, even if I was sweating my balls off for 1.5 hours in a 100 degree room.

How am I losing weight doing this??? (Because obviously this was my only concern as a 20 year old sorority girl at UCSB — I know… shoot me now).

Why do you even call it a “practice”?  No comprendo señor yogi.

But, an interesting thing has happened to me recently. I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments about how I look…. Not only that, but I’m starting to GET IT.

“You look great. Did you lose weight?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been working out a lot recently.”  …. LIE.

Honestly, yes. I have been running once a week, and yes, I do Bikram once a week. But the compliments are truly unwarranted. I haven’t been working out for an ungodly amount of time per week. I haven’t been counting calories. I haven’t even tried to modify my eating – in fact, I’ve been splurging (I’m in love), but shhhhhh.

So, this one actually perplexes me. Maybe the yoga has shifted some of that weird fat into more desirable places, although I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gone to my boobs. That would be pretty cool, no?

I’m not sure what’s going on with this yoga thing, but I’m going to keep it up. In the past 6 months, I have been able to make progress on a few key poses:

  • Standing head to knee pose: I am FINALLY kicking out! So freaking cool. I have been hovering over the floating leg for years, and now I’m finally kicking out with legs locked.
  • Camel pose: I finally got my hands on my lower back (pathetic, I know). Literally, I feel like my heart and lungs are going to burst out of my chest while I simultaneously loose consciousness (is this how Bikram is supposed to feel?), so the fact that I have even been able to hold it for a short while is progress.
  • Eagle & tree pose: I always feel good going into these poses, but over the past 6 months there is a true sense of peace, stillness and calmness that I feel. It’s amazing & gratifying.

The gratification from this has been immense, and I hope I can make some big achievements over the next 6 months!


Killing My First Trail Race


Shifting back to running… (aka my favorite sport ever). I did my first trail race last weekend at Lake Chabot in San Leandro (also, there’s no need to go to the East Bay unless absolutely required, oh and the really attractive people in that photo are my friends).

So the crowd at a trail race is completely different – you have the super nerdy guys who spend their spare time building legos, all they do is run and they’ve definitely never been laid; then there are the girls who are trying to be super outdoors-y and athletic so they can say they “do trail races”; and then there are the 60+ age group that is just hardcore because they are running at that age.

I felt good on my race. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was a 10k with 1,000 ft of elevation. When I first looked at my Strava, I averaged at an 11:24 pace per mile, which I felt good about. Again, nothing amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.43.38 PM

HOLD UP. Check out that “GAP” thing. I just found out that stands for “Grade Adjustment Pace”…. I was running 8 and 9 minute miles for what the relative grade was. That is almost even cooler than my placement on Alta Plaza Park!

Anyway, I digress…. and this turned out to be way longer than anticipated. If I’ve got a takeaway to leave you with: Do yoga – it works. Strava every run.

Besos mi amors x

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