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Sushi, Zuni, Waves and Wine Galore

Since I’m re-focusing the content on my site, I decided that I’m going to continue with restaurant reviews. So let’s jump into Sushi, Zuni, Waves and Wine Galore!


What a bummer… This is a new spot in the Mission, and I was not impressed with this place at all. Don’t come here if you’re looking for a regular sushi spot. This is definitely a very traditional Japanese restaurant – there’s nothing wrong with it, but it just was not what I expecting.

The menu includes:

Omakase Masa’s course  85
Santen mori, zensai, sashimi, yakimono, 8-piece nigiri, owan
Hide’s course  AQ
Sashimi, sushi
Moriawase Sushi moriawase  40
10-piece nigiri, 1 hand roll, kobachi, owan
Sashimi moriawase  45
5-piece sashimi




I ordered the moriawase sushi, and although the presentation was beautiful, it simply wasn’t that impressive of a meal. Also, almost everything is in Japanese, which is of little-to-no-help for this white girl.

The decor and the actual space is beautiful and really nice…. But I wasn’t really impressed with the food. It’s extremely expensive for what you get, and not many options unless you go a la cart with sushi. Even so, I felt like these were very expensive for what you get.

Don’t think I’ll be coming back!

Zuni Cafe

Love, love, love! I came here on a date with my boyfriend and we had such a wonderful time.

First of all, the ambiance is amazing. Even though it’s on market street in kind of a shady area, inside the restaurant is bright, with floor to ceiling windows, and even a piano player – how romantic!  We sat upstairs and it was so cute up there!

Our server was great too. Ask for Kristin, if you can! She was so sweet and made wonderful wine and dish recommendations.

The food we ordered: oysters to start (Kusshi & Beausoleil), olives, Caesar salad, and the chicken. The chicken is wood oven roasted, and it takes an hour to prepare so be sure to order it when you sit down! All of the dishes were perfect. The chicken, however, was definitely the highlight. It comes served on this bread pudding/ salad that has all of the juices from the chicken, and it’s just amazing. The chicken perfectly cooked: crispy, moist, delicious.

I’ll definitely be coming back – maybe for brunch? The Bloody Mary looks pretty epic….

Cliff House

Wow. I totally did not realize all of the history behind Cliff House, and I’m sure glad that we went! Not only is it so scenic, but the food is good too.

We had a 20-30 minute wait, so we went to the bar to grab a drink. The bartender was SO SLOW. Normally I’m pretty patient about these sorts of things because I used to work in a restaurant, but this was just unacceptable. He basically ignored us.

Luckily, that was the only bad thing I have to say about the experience. We got oysters, popovers, and the crab cakes as a late lunch. It doesn’t get much better than watching waves crash, drinking some champagne and enjoying oysters.

Japanese Tea Garden

Oh my gosh. Hands down – this is the best new find of SF. If you’ve never been to a Japanese Tea Garden, you must come here! It is so peaceful and so zen. It’s like you’re not even in a city.

Last year I fell in love with Japanese Tea Gardens when I was in Buenos Aires (because that’s obviously the first place you’d go if you’re in Argentina). But the garden was really amazing, and I am so glad that I decided to come to the one in SF.

Bouchaine Winery

I’ve never heard of this winery, but we came for a friend’s 30th birthday last weekend. We had a huge long table outside in the sun where all 20 of us got do a tasting. The wine was pretty phenomenal and so I wanted to let you all enjoy these pictures.

Please don’t try balancing wine on your own head.


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