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Chocolate Run: My Best Run Ever

For those of you who know me, you know that running is not a forte of mine. In fact, I can actually go so far to say that I HATE running. I don’t like being hot, I’m exhausted after about 5 minutes, my knees hurt, and there’s never a point where I think, “Hey, this is great! I feel so awesome!”

No. Each step is a struggle. It’s like I’m 200 pounds, and I’m trying to defy gravity.

The bigger problem is that my boyfriend is a marathoner…. and not just like a regular marathoner…. but the type that does 26.2 with an average of 6:57 pace. He LOVES running. He sends me inspirational running videos thinking that it might change my mind on the sport.

Yeah. That type.


Anyway, we’ve been running recently – about 1 day a week. It’s never fun because I’m so slow, and he gets frustrated with me because I think he thinks I’m not even trying (even though I’m literally running as hard as I can).

Chocolate Run: My Best Run Ever

The good news is that his military-like coaching style has actually made me faster. In fact, I had my best run ever at the Chocolate Run last weekend!

Check out my stats below.

1-17-2014 11-44-51 AM

I had 7 different PR’s:

  • 400M – 2:09
  • 1/2 mile – 4:26
  • 1k – 5:33
  • 1 mile – 8:59 – I ran under a 9 minute mile…. something I never knew was possible!
  • 2 miles – 18.29
  • 10k – 1:01:07
  • 15k – 1:32:19

I am not going to lie, this is neither fast, nor is it groundbreaking. But, it is the best I’ve ever done, which I’m proud of! Plus, I’m already on top of my game for tri season 🙂

Stay posted for more health-related blogs because tri season starts this weekend! To read more about my last triathlon here.

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