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Can’t Beat Eats of San Francisco

There’s no doubt that we’re absolutely SPOILED ROTTEN by the incredible food and wine in San Francisco, and lucky for me, I’ve eaten really well in the past month.

That said, I wanted to highlight my most savory and exquisite finds.


Holy Shinto. Quince absolutely sets the culinary bar.

I brought my boyfriend here for his 30th birthday. Quince called to confirm and asked me the occasion. Quince is elegant and beautiful. The ceilings are high, there is exposed brick on one side, along with chandeliers, beautiful couches, and wonderfully spaced tables. The room feels grand.

Upon arrival, they had custom menus that said “happy 30th birthday, Leo” on the top.  What a wonderful touch! Also, from the second you step into the restaurant, there are at least 5 servers tending to you at all times. Service is impeccable.

We went with the 9 course tasting menu, and if you’re a foodie, this is actually the most reasonable 2 Michelin star restaurant around. $158/ person. You can also get a wine pairing for $110.

Anyway, let’s get to the food details. Each course is beautifully displayed… The food quite literally looks like art. The presentation is just exquisite. I even asked how they serve each dish with such perfection, and they told me that they use tweezers. Haha! Crazy but you can tell how much precision and care goes into each dish.

Not only is the presentation fabulous, but the dishes have the most wonderful flavors and textures. For example, the first dish was a caviar on brioche served with a hollondaise type of sauce and “Kristin’s rooftop flowers” (yes actual edible flowers).  The menu goes on to impress…. Oysters, lamb, truffles, and everything else exquisite in life.

Thank you quince for such a memorable evening. Relais and chateau never disappoints!

Bistro de Copains

Wow this place was knock-your-socks-off good! It’s a quiet unassuming little spot that is Michelin recommended. We were wine tasting and staying in the Sebastapol area and decided to try it.

And I’m so glad we did!

Everything we had was absolutely delicious – the rabbit, the scallops, the flatbread, the lamb, and the beet salad.

It’s the kind of place where you an see the kitchen, you meet the owner, and they use the absolute freshest ingredients – you can just feel the love they put into their food.

The service was awesome too. Everyone was more than helpful, especially since we came with a group whose language was primarily spanish. They were very patient and helpful.

Can’t wait to come back here again. This was a true gem to find!

Auberge du Soleil

Another Relais & Chateau adventure… Ok… I’m a little torn on this place, and I’ll explain why. Overall, it was a beautiful late lunch that I attended.

Setting: 5 stars
The setting is absolutely stunning. Sitting on the patio, with the sun shinning down on Napa Valley doesn’t get any better than that. Even though it was quite chilly, the heat lamps were on, and the sun was out. It was truly spectacular. There was even a wedding – what an incredible place to get married. Relais & Chateau always does a great job with this.

Service: 5 stars
Our server obviously had been there for quite a while and she was extremely knowledgeable about everything – the menu, the wines, what are popular favorites, ingredients and more. She was absolutely great. I think her name was Cynthia.

Food: 3 stars
I was really expecting more. Maybe I’ve eaten at too many Michelin star restaurants this month. I know. Total food snob. At any rate, I wasn’t blown away by it.  I ordered a 3 course brunch: Oysters, a duck confit hash, and desert. Yes, it was good…. but nothing I haven’t seen before.

I think maybe I’ll need to come back here for dinner. I’m sure it would be a completely different food experience.



I come here quite frequently because its 2 blocks away from my home – lucky, I know!

We had the calamari & scallops appetizer. This must be new on the menu, and it’s awesome! It’s served under a bed of creamy polenta. It is absolutely delicious.

For the main courses we ordered the filet mignon (cooked to a perfect medium rare & melts in your mouth), the petrale sole (tender, light & delicious), and the scallops (you can never go wrong with the scallops here).

The bottom line is that you are always going to have an amazing meal at Boulevard. It’s consistently one of the best restaurants in town.

Unfortunately I only got a picture of the cheese plate…


This was my second time at Bottega, and it was just as wonderful as our first experience. We started the night with a Schramsberg, and then moved to a 2007 Seasmoke Pinot – just divine!

We started with the buratta salad appetizer, which was amazing. It’s served with mandarins, greens and topped with a balsamic.  For the mains, we had the wood oven cooked branzino. The presentation alone is amazing. The skin is crispy and perfectly grilled, and the meat inside is tender and delicious.

To finish, we had a chocolate hazelnut souffle. It is the perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnuts. The inside of the cake was moist, and just perfect.

Wild Flour Bread


So this isn’t a restaurant, but this IS worth talking about. This is hands down, the BEST bakery I’ve ever been to in the world!

This little spot makes all of their breads fresh in their fire brick oven, and they have the most unique types of breads…. Goat cheese with bell pepper, figs and olives, sticky toffee buns, ginger scones, and I can’t even remember what else!

The best part is that they want you to try them all… So you just walk up to the counter and they give you samples of everything. The woman who helped us was so incredibly sweet too.

Love, love this place. Definitely coming back!


So there you have it… There are my can’t beat eats of San Francisco and wine country. I promise that none of these places will disappoint!!

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