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My Intentions for 2014

The other night I got together with some of my MBA girlfriends, and we made vision boards for 2014. “What is a vision board?” you ask – Great question….

You remember when you were in junior high and you cut out photos of your favorite celebrities, clothes, and quotes, then you every so carefully glue-sticked them onto a poster board?

Yep. That’s vision boarding. Back in the day I think we just called it a collage. But since I’m a respectable woman in my late 20’s, we need to call it something, well, “respectable”.


And it was every bit of fun that I remember having years ago!!

So, today, I’m going to tell you about my intentions for 2014, because it’s important to set the tone… you know, to accomplish goals.

My Intentions for 2014

  • I want to travel to Europe. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been, and I miss it terribly. I miss my friends in London. I miss the architecture. I miss the history. I miss the food. I’d really love to go to back to London, Paris and Croatia. We’ll see what we can pull off 🙂
  • Since we’re on the topic of travel, I am also looking forward to spending some real time in Mexico. The boyfriend gifted me to a trip to Mexico. We will be heading to Mexico City first to visit with his family, and then we’ll be heading to the St. Regis in Punta Mita…. Yeah, he does pretty OK.
  • I want to continue to surround myself with wonderful friends, who embody the type of woman that I want to be. Strong, bold, loyal, true, brave, and fearless. My girlfriends are awesome, and I’d never give them up for anything!
  • In terms of career, I hope to come up with a few new business ideas. I’d really love to be independent and own something that is just mine…. so I hope to find some inspiration. Consulting is great, but it’s not going to be it.
  • I hope that my relationship with my boyfriend continues on the path that it’s on. He’s seriously the most wonderful partner I’ve ever had in my life. He’s caring, thoughtful, determined, and I am so excited for our future.
  • I included a lot of health & wellness types of things on my board – running shoes, bikes, healthy foods, etc. I want to keep running, doing Bikram, spinning, and triathloning. I just signed up for another tri season, and I just successfully ran my fastest 15K, but there will be more about that later!
  • Financially, I’d like to get another raise, continue to contribute to my 401k, and all that fun stuff. Get money honey!
  • Lastly, I want wonderful things to happen for my family. We had a great year, and I always love watching my nephews grow and becoming closer with my stepdad’s family.

There you have it. 2014 is looking up already, so let’s have some fun this year!

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