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Will run for food, but only if you feed me first.

Training for the Berkeley Half Marathon

It took about a month and a half since the Best Buddies Hearst Castle bike race that I did at the beginning of September, to decide that it’s time to sign up for a new race. Shortly after I finish a race, I feel like I’ve got nothing to look forward to. As usual, I decided it was time to sign up for another half marathon, and now I’m training for the Berkeley Half Marathon! This will be my third half marathon.

As you might know, running is not really my favorite thing to do, but I do it because being thin and attractive is really important to me. Vain, but it’s true.

Training for the Berkeley Half Marathon

Like with my triathlon posts, I wanted to share my training over the next few weeks!  Here was my first run that I did about 2 weeks ago. For my first run in 6 months, I ran 3.5 miles, and I kept a 10:48 pace – nothing spectacular, but at least I’m moving again!

photo 1 photo 2

In total, my first week I ran 3.5 miles on Tuesday, 4 miles Saturday, and then 4.5 miles on Sunday. I totaled 16 miles for that week. My legs were SORE, but let me tell you… the foam roller is my new best friend.

Last week, I did a bit more cardio at the gym, and I had one long run on Saturday. I ran 7 miles starting in Golden Gate park, running out to Ocean Beach, and back. To stretch my muscles, I have also been include Bikram Yoga at my favorite new spot, Body Temp Yoga.

This week I will try to get a few 4-5 mile runs in, and then I’ve got a 10 mile run this weekend. I didn’t Strava my runs last week, but I will this week.

Stay posted for more training information & the interesting things I learn as I improve my running 🙂



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