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Where on Earth is Taylor Whitmer?

Good question! I know I’ve been MIA the past few weeks… but seriously, where on earth is Taylor Whitmer? Let me just start by saying the end of August and beginning of September have been fun-filled, action-packed, ever-changing, and even hectic (at times)!

So let me tell you about all of my most recent adventures!

My Mom Got Hitched

After months of planning, my mom and Paul finally got married! Mom & Paul have been together for 8 years, and his family means the world to me! It was one of the most beautiful events that I’ve ever attended… so I’m sharing some of the pictures.

Below are a few pictures from the rehearsal. PS. my nephews might be the cutest kids on the planet 🙂




The actual event was incredible. If you’ve never seen the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park, you’ve got to check it out. The resort REALLY understands what 5 stars means. From the plush beds, to the rain shower heads, to the incredible customer service, I was blown away with them. They really went above and beyond to make my mom’s event special.

Look at the pretty bride!!




Wine Tasting in Sonoma

Just after we’ve been heavily boozing and celebrating with family, we decided that it would be a perfect idea to take my sister and her boyfriend to wine country for wine tasting. Of course, that’s exactly what you need after a wedding – right?!

But the weather was perfect, and we had the week off, so we headed to Round Pond for a tasting. In case you’ve never been to Round Pond, it is definitely worth checking out. Not only is it extremely scenic, but the tastings are fabulous.



I’ve been wanting to use AirBnb for a while now, but I have never quite found the right place. For 160 a night, we found an incredible little house that was a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a huge backyard, garden, hot tub, and more.

I Finished Best Buddies: Hearst Castle

After raising more than $1550 for Best Buddies, a charity that helps those with intellectual disabilities, I headed down to Carmel for the Best Buddies 62 mile race. If you recall, I auctioned off parts of my body.

Getting the names on my jersey & bike shorts was definitely a process! I tried using a spray adhesive, but that didn’t work. Instead, I took letters, ironed them onto a shirt, cut them out, and then sewed them onto my jersey. FACT – I have never been so crafty in my life! Below I’ve captured the process 🙂


And here is the final product!!


Onto the race…. Well the race didn’t go quite as planned, but I did finish! The night before the race, I woke up with leg cramps. I stretched for 2 hours to no avail.

There is no question that there were a ton of hills on this ride! My legs started cramping early on. Although I tried to correct it by drinking lots of water and eating Shock Blocks, I became nauseous from the Shock Blocks. At mile 30, I decided to take a break, get food, and stretch. After visiting the medical tent, I took a bus for a few miles, so I could finish the last leg of the race.

After the race, we headed over to Hearst Castle ranch for their big event, where the Don Felder (from the Eagles) and band put on a great show. Maria Shriver, Event Chair of Best Buddies, kicked off the evening, and it was a wonderful way to end the race.  Thank you again for those who have supported me! I am always humbled by the generosity of my friends and family – THANK YOU!

Also, did I mention that I joined Team Audi Cycling? They hosted a dinner the night before the event, and I got a ton of new Audi kit…. Yeah! You don’t have to do anything to join – just send them an email, and you’re part of the team. I would highly recommend it. The people are great & they host many cool events during training season – even including an event at the Audi in Beverly Hills!


I Started a New Gig!!

In case there wasn’t enough going on, I also started a new job at an international software & e-commerce company called Avanquest. They have got a number of web-to-print brands that they own, and they’ve brought me on to direct their social strategy! I’m hoping that with my years of social media expertise, I can bring fresh content & imagine creative new ways to drive revenue from their already-popular websites.

Plus, they are an awesomely-established marketing team, that I think I can learn a lot from.

But, you’re probably wondering if I’m still consulting… The answer is YES! I still have a number of clients that I’m working with including Dr. Kaur’s Wellness Solutions in LA, TOFU Marketing, Chattel & Strut, and more.


TWhit Turns 28

Did I mention that it was my birthday this week? 28 has been low-key, but I finally made it up to Thomas Fogarty Winery for some wine tasting, and I also went to Bentley’s for a little birthday dinner. So far 28 is looking like a good year 😀





PHEW! That was a long post. I promise not to be gone as long in the future. Thanks for staying tuned 🙂


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