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Summer Updates: Bike Races, America’s Cup, Bikram Yoga & More!

Summer Updates: Bike Races, America's Cup, Bikram Yoga & More!

This summer has been busy to say the least – trips to LA, Vail, Tahoe, Napa & more! Today’s post will be filled with my summer updates: bike races, America’s cup, Bikram yoga, and new SF eats.

Best Buddies Bike Race

So I recently started dating this wonderful guy. Let’s just say he’s a bit of a super athlete. He runs marathons on the reg, does century rides like it’s no big deal, and he somehow has convinced me to sign up for the Best Buddies Bike Race the first week of September down in Big Sur. It’s a 62 mile race, which will be my longest bike ride to date. If you have read any of my previous triathlon posts, then you’d know what a challenge the bike has been for me.

Best Buddies is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with all forms of intellectual disabilities. Best Buddies operates across the US, as well as countries internationally. The organization focuses on pairing people with intellectual disabilities with volunteers in one-to-one friendships. Plus, the Best Buddies Jobs program helps people with intellectual disabilities find competitive jobs in the community.

To donate to my page, click here. I am still $1200 away from my goal – Your support is MUCH appreciated!!

America’s Cup

America's Cup

Living right off of the Embarcadero definitely has it’s perks! One of the most exciting events this summer has been America’s Cup. Over the past few weeks the Louis Vuitton Cup races have been going on, and the America’s Cup Pavillion has been bustling with tourists and SF residents alike. During the Sunday races, I’ve strolled down to the pavillion to watch the replays – there are a ton of bars, shops & big screen TV’s so you can watch races that happened earlier in the day. Plus on Sundays, they have hosted free concerts.

If you’re in SF, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Bikram Yoga

Along with my upcoming crazy bike riding adventures, the boyfriend has also started us on Bikram yoga. I’ve done Bikram a number of times over the past few years, but it’s been well over a year since I’ve been back. So far we’ve been three times in a week. Our first class that we showed up to was called, “Yoga Power Hour” – haha, I know this sounds hilarious, right??? The instructor informed us that we were VERY brave to show up for this class. The room was jam packed, and the class was exactly like it sounds – 60 minutes of power yoga in a 100F room.

It’s been challenging, but also extremely fun. I feel like the balance of activities is really important to maintaining balance in my life. Plus, I feel like I’m actually already improving, which is the best feeling in the world. Who knew that I had a secret inner yogi hiding all of these years!

Best New SF Restaurant

Hands down, the best new spot I’ve found in San Francisco is Coqueta, a new Michael Chiarello restaurant located right on the Embarcadero. I have been twice, and the food has been awesome!

Food recommendations:

  • Jamón Iberico De Bellota
  • Skewers: House Cured Boquerones white anchovies, olives, pearl onions, and guindilla peppers, Chorizo roasted artichokes, and piquillo peppers, Jamón Serrano manchego, and apricot
  • Pan Con Tomate with cristal bread and tomato sofrito
  • “Tattas” Bravas crispy potato and jamón nuggets with bravas salsa and alioli
  • Crispy Shrimp And Chickpea Flour Pancake with saffron aioli
  • Wood-Grilled Octopus with fingerling potatoes, pimentón, and olive oil
  • Grilled Duck Albóndigas meatballs with dried cherry and tempranillo
  • Grilled Ibérico Secreto spanish butchers’ secret cut of pork, with “tximi-txurri” and watercress

If it’s ok for Michael Bauer, it’s ok for me. Go check it out, but be warned that reservations are hard to get!


That’s all for now. Stay posted on more updates to come soon 🙂

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