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4 Reasons for Following Brands on Social Media

The other day I had a funny conversation with an executive who was looking for additional marketing and sales help. He told me that the problem with many company’s approach is that they are having too much fun, and there is no value in that. It got me thinking about the brands that I follow, and why I love them.

being awesome

Here are my top 4 reasons for following brands on social media:

  1. You get to see behind the scenes. There’s an undeniable fascination that people have with knowing what’s going on behind the brand. I follow Jessica Alba on Instagram and Facebook for this very reason. I want to see what she’s doing with the Honest Company, what her kids look like, and what parties she’s going to. Why do I do this?Because she’s rad, and I want to be rad just like her.
  2. Everyone is branding. Social media has completely democratized the way the world understands and communicates with companies. Not only are businesses establishing their voice with social media, but so are their employees. A recent comScore and Facebook study found that fans & friends of fans are substantially more valuable, in terms of purchasing behavior. Consumers are dedicated to brands that take bold moves on social media.  
  3. They are funny or inspiring. Yeah that’s right. Who doesn’t like to laugh or be inspired?
  4. Discovery. At least once a week, I learn about a new brand that is doing something amazing on social media. Maybe they take amazing photos, or maybe they are doing something on social media that I never thought of. Either way, the  act of discovering something new always excites me.

Who Does It Well?

Take NastyGal for example. Do you think Sophia Amoruso thought, “Oh my gosh, I’m really concerned about the look and feel of my shop, because maybe it’s too alternative.” No. She thought, “This is awesome, because no one will have the clothes I find. So I’m going to make a shop, it’s going to be awesome, and my brand is going to resonate through all of the social media channels.”

And as it turns out, that’s exactly what she did. Now she’s valued at over $250 million, she’s on the cover of Forbes for rocking the retail world, and get this – she’s 28.

Finding a Balance

In my opinion, brands need to have a healthy balance of humor, information, and inspiration on their social media streams, and this comes from smart marketing strategies. Confidence, energy, and pure love for a brand is contagious, and the numbers show that consumers will spend more if you have a brand that does this well.


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