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Chattel and Strut’s Heritage Line

C&S Coffee Table

Chattel and Strut’s Heritage Line

Today, I was lucky enough to finally see the much-anticipated Heritage line from Chattel and Strut. Matt Vuolo, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of C&S, introduced the Heratige line this morning in San Francisco, and I got a sneak preview! Matt has been designing and building furniture since he was 8 years old, and his new line expresses his many years of work, perfection, and love of what he does.

The Brand

Being a part of the branding process for C&S has been one of the best parts of working together over the past year. Matt’s products are high quality, and his pieces harken back to raw materials that are rich in history – denim, reclaimed wood, steel. Nostalgia and soul drive the brand – it’s a unique blend of reclaimed materials with a modern American aesthetic.

C&S customers include young professionals with a disposable income, who want to surround themselves with carefully chosen items, and are trying to out-do their contemporaries. They care about fashion and atrisnial food and drink. They curate thier lifestyles.


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