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Managing Client Expectations

expectationsOne of the most important aspects of delivering quality results is managing client expectations. I’ve seen this time and time again, where the client will hire on an expert to help them with an aspect of their business that needs help, and the client becomes susceptible to the classic “I Know More Than the Experts I Hired” syndrome.

Recently, I’ve working on a project where the client believed that a little social networking would “explode” the project with hundreds and thousands of hits to the website. While social media serves as a fantastic tool to increase a brand’s online presence, it isn’t a quick fix. Although my marketing partner, Vienda, and I have able to increase the website traffic by 500% – yeah, FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT!  The product itself has some technical issues, and I suspect this is part of the reason why we have often lose visitors relatively quickly. Yet, despite the product limitations, we have consistently set realistic goals, and exceeded those goals.

The reality of building an online brand is that it will take 6 months to a year to really develop and create a dedicated community. When you’re growing online communities, take a close look at your analytics and see if you have steady growth. If there are a lot of jumps because of a one-hit-wonder post, you’re not accurately measuring your community growth.

Tips for success

1. Always be honest
2. Agree on strategy, goals and timelines
3. Be optimistic, but always remind the client of what is realistic
4. Communicate clearly, and regularly send updates
5. Learn to be a counselor and a listener

How to deal with a client who refuses advice?

The best thing to remember is that you’ve done your best to give the client the knowledge they need to succeed, and then it is up to them to use that knowledge.

Be patient, deliver results and give your client the best advice you can. After all, their success is also yours!

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