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Bi-Rite Marketing Pitch

Vienda, my newest partner-in-marketing crime, and I have put together a Bi-Rite marketing pitch, since they are currently looking for help.

The Bi-Rite Marketing Pitch

Take a look at what we’ve put together!

More Information

For more information about our services, visit my services page. Vienda and I work with lifestyle brands.

I have been working in corporate marketing in San Francisco over the past 6 years with unparalleled talent in marketing strategy and community building especially within in the realms of social media and and public relations outreach and forming firm relationships with high profile connections.

Vienda has worked in marketing over the past 4 years and specializes in creative content creation and copy / article writing as well as events and creating buzz around exciting new projects. Additionally, she has worked in marketing in Australia for 2 and a half years, and has a good idea of local trends, audience and what kind of marketing would work in this part of the world.

Together we bring a unique balance of strategy and creativity into the modern marketing arena, which we negotiate with great flexibility, continuously thinking outside of the box to bring a distinct flavor to our clients’ businesses’. Through our experience we have noted an increased need for more authentic customer relationships and ‘mindful’ marketing, which which we specialize in, choosing our clients carefully to ensure that they are in alignment with our values, and thereby bring a powerful human connection to our clients successes.

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