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3 Ways to Make Your Business Transparent

How can you achieve transparency?

One topic that I’ve really wanted to discuss is transparency in business. I feel like this topic is so important. That said, today I am going to give my top 3 ways to make your business transparent.

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Transparency is key to making your business successful, because in today’s world of social media, your colleagues and most importantly, your clients, expect it. I recently left a company that had very little transparency within the organization. This caused much anxiety and for the staff, because we had no insight as to what was going on. This company suffered many lost clients and sales began to plummet. I truly believe that transparency was a factor in this company’s demise.

Tip 1: Be Honest

Honesty is an attribute you cannot fake. When someone is dishonest with you in a meeting, it’s palpable. They’ve instantly lost credibility, and how is it possible to nurture a relationship with your client or peers without credibility? It’s just not possible.

Keep you opinion and be true – even if you’re scared this truth might frighten your clients. You need to be real and continue to set realistic expectations. Without this, you business

Tip 2: Be Timely

Regular office hours don’t exist today. With the emerging voice of the consumer, social media, and information sharing, you are almost always connected to your email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Social media has forced us to respond to conversations as they happen – thank goodness for push notifications, right?
The good news is that there is an opportunity to show your customers that they matter, and that you will remedy the situation as soon as you can. Untimely responses look like you don’t care, and what client wants to feel that way?

Tip 3: Build a Brand Where Transparency is the Cornerstone

Practice what you preach. Create communication strategies that ensure that your entire team is on the same page from production to delivery. Project management tools like, Chatter and Yammer will help.

What are your key ways that you stay transparent? I’d love to hear your feedback.

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